See NEET Phase 2 2016 Marking Scheme

See here the information regarding NEET Phase 2 Marking Scheme process and given responses criteria in answer sheet. This is fully instructed on NEET 2016 information booklet. Here we give the information about NEET phase 2 Marking scheme and correct response method which will be held on 24/07/2016.

Marking the Responses

(a) Use Blue/Black Ball Point Pen to darken the appropriate circle. Answers marked with pencil would not be evaluated.

(b) Mark should be dark and should completely fill the circle.

(c) Darken only one circle for each entry as the Answer once marked cannot be changed.

(d) A light or faint darkened circle may be treated as a wrong method of marking and may be rejected by the Optical Scanner.

(e) Mark the responses only in the space provided.

(f) There will be four alternatives for each of the question numbering 001 to 180 in NEET Examination. The candidate will indicate response to the question by darkening the appropriate circle completely with Ball Point Pen.

(g) The responses given by the candidate in the OMR sheet will be evaluated by the method of Optical Mark Recognition by the computer and in case any candidate does not follow the correct method of marking the responses his response may not be recognised by the computer.

For example, Question No. 027 in the Test Booklet reads as follows:

  1. No. 027 : Taj Mahal is situated in (1) Agra (2) Mumbai (3) Delhi (4) Bengaluru The correct response to this question is (1) Agra.

The candidate will locate question No. 027 in the Answer Sheet and darken the circle for marking response: If the candidate does not want to attempt any question, he/she should not darken the circle meant to mark the response. Please do not fold the Answer Sheet and do not make any stray mark on it.

5 Changing an Answer is not allowed The candidates must fully satisfy themselves about the accuracy of the answer before darkening the appropriate circle as no change in answer once marked is allowed. Use of eraser or white fluid on the Answer Sheet is not permissible as the Answer Sheets are machine gradable and it may lead to wrong evaluation. SOME EXAMPLES OF WRONG/CORRECT WAYS OF MARKING ARE AS FOLLOWS: If more than one circle is darkened or if the response is marked in any manner as shown above (or in any other similar manner) heading indicating wrong method shall be treated as wrong way of marking.

Scoring and Marking

(a) Each item carries 4 marks. For each correct response the candidate will get 4 marks. For each incorrect response one mark will be deducted from the total score. No deduction from the total score will, however, be made if no response is indicated for an item in the answer sheet. The candidates are advised not to attempt such item in answer sheet, if they are not sure of the correct response. More than one answer indicated in a question will be deemed as incorrect response and will be negatively marked.

(b) For the purpose of evaluation, the Test Booklet code as printed in the Answer Sheet on side-2 will be accepted as final.

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